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its all about love.

Diane Arbus put her love for photography into the perfect words: "Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies. I say bring on the cookies and while I am stuffing my face with sugary goodness I am also striving to capture the emotion, moments and love that is happening right in front of my lens.

I'm more of a hands off photographer when it comes to posing. I'm more about you being you in front of the camera. When it comes down to it you are hiring me to capture YOU. Your life, your family, your wedding. The more I can do to make you comfortable and feel like yourself the better. I strive to capture that interaction, those in between moments when no one is asking you to say "cheese". My goal is to get to know you just a little bit better so that when I'm photographing that you are comfortable with me and I'm comfortable with you so that this camera in my hand isn't distracting.

Hears to a joyous life full of love.